25 November 2020

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Bought yourself a new mobile phone or gadget recently? It is important you get these devices protected as we all know accidents do happen. This blog shows why you should look to get a specific mobile or gadget insurance policy and why a warranty, AppleCare or your Home Insurance might not be the best for your needs.

Am I covered by my warranty?

In short, no. If you want cover for theft, loss, accidental damage and more you’ll have to purchase insurance.

Warranties cover the mechanical and software performance of the gadget. Some manufacturers only offer a year long warranty. Here are some popular gadget manufacturer average warranties:

·     Apple 1 Year

·     Samsung 2 Years

·     Beats 1 Year

·     Google 2 Years

·     Huawei 2 Years

The issue of Applecare

The pitfalls of AppleCare

When you purchase an Apple product you can purchase AppleCare which will offer your product some protection, however, it isn’t a comprehensive level of cover.

AppleCare does cover repair or replacement of a product in the event of accidental damage, but only twice in a two-year period. Importantly, AppleCare does not cover you for loss or theft, accessories and fraudulent call/data cover.

If you want more than just accidental damage cover then going to an independent insurer who offers a wider range of cover is the best way to go about it.

Are you sure you’re covered under home insurance?

 Your gadget or mobile phone might be covered under your home insurance, but the cover is unlikely to provide you with the protection that you need and there are wider ranging implications if you need to make a claim.

 So, if you make a claim on your home insurance, the excess you need to pay could be more than it would be under a specific mobile phone or gadget insurance policy. Additionally, any claim may result in an increase to your whole contents insurance policy at renewal, all as a result of a relatively minor claim.

Consider also the claim, if you have to make one, home insurance claims can often be quite labour intensive and take some time, can you afford to be without your mobile/gadget for that long? Look for a mobile phone or gadget insurance provider who specialises in repairs and replacements of mobile phones and gadgets.

What does our mobile phone and gadget insurance cover you for?

We have a choice of mobile phone and gadget insurance cover, depending on your needs. Our lowest level of cover looks after you in the UK & abroad for breakdown, loss, theft, fraudulent use and accidental damage (yes, that includes cracked screens and dropping your mobile/gadget down the toilet). In addition, our product range also covers:

Accidental damage

Screen cracks, corner dents etc

Accessories cover

It's not just your gadget that's covered

Liquid damage

Includes toilet drops, coffee spills & puddles too

Unauthorised call & data use

Don't be caught out with huge bills


In case you lose your gadget accidentally


We'll get a replacement to you quickly

Need a quick quote?

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