The history of the Love Island phones

Love Island is quickly becoming a big part of the British summertime. For six or seven weeks everyone pays attention to the comings and goings of one villa in Mallorca. As well as being iconic for drama, Casa Amor and its water bottle, Love Island is well known for its phrases. “Can I pull you for a chat?”, “They’re my type on paper” and the most famous of all “I’ve got a text!”. We take a closer look at the devices behind all the drama, the Love Island phones.

2017 and the HTC

Love Island was well in the swing of things by the time the third season came around. Regarded as one of the best seasons of the show with iconic moments like Chris and Kem’s bromance, Mike and Sam’s return, Jonny and Theo’s arguments and Camila stealing everyone’s hearts the HTC U Play was at the centre of it all. It may have been the last season for the HTC phones in Love Island, however, it was the season that introduced us to Casa Amor. 

2018 and the Samsung 8+

This was the first year where Samsung took over as one of the official Love Island sponsors as they provided all the islanders with their phones. The Samsung S8+ was there throughout all this year’s drama. Whether that was the explosive reaction after Casa Amor, the word loyal or Meg and Adam just causing chaos. The biggest takeaway from this season was the viewing figures, which at times reached 5 million (only topped by the World Cup during the summer and it was the biggest hit amongst 16-34-year-olds) the show was (and still is) being described as an advertising goldmine. Maybe this is why brands such as Superdrug paid over £2 million to sponsor the series. 

2019 the Samsung S10+ The winter one

The Samsung S10+ was part of two series. First up was 2019, perhaps one of the most memorable series to date. The iconic ‘morning tea’ line from Curtis, Maura being the ultimate bombshell, Michael saying childish and Ovie reinventing “I’ve got a text” by shouting 'message' every time someone’s phone went off. ITV also used the S10+ for the first-ever winter version of Love Island as the show shipped everyone off to South Africa in early 2020. Lewis Capaldi’s ex-Paige Turely and Finley Tapp were crowned the winners.

2021 and the Samsung A52 5G

After a forced break due to Covid, Love Island finally returned in 2021. As well as a brand-new bunch of Islanders there was also a brand-new phone. The Samsung A52 5G (Samsung’s newest range at the time in their affordable phone line) was right in the mix of the drama of which there were plenty!

2022 and the Google Pixel 6

Back on our TV's and with ZERO Covid restrictions, the Love Islanders are back and they are using new handsets, namely the Google Pixel 6 which sports the Google Tensor, an all new camera, for the Islanders to capture those special moments and the highest rated security, ensuring what goes on in the villa, stays in the villa :-)

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