What is a unique referral code?

NextGen unique referral codes are simply a way for us to reward you for telling your friends/family/social networks about NextGen. Every time your unique referral code is used to purchase a new policy we'll give you £10, your friend £5 off their premium and we'll donate £1 to Friends of the Earth.

How it works

When you purchase a policy from us we'll issue you with your unique referral code via e-mail & SMS.

You can share the code on any channel and with anyone. So go ahead, share it on Facebook, Insta, Twitter, Text, E-mail or over the telephone! If someone uses your code you're quids in, simple.

How do I get my cash?

Now this is ultra simple! All you have to do to withdraw your earnings is to log in to our Customer Area (remember, no passwords are required :-), locate your 'NextGen Cashpot' click on 'View/Withdraw' and withdraw your cash! Don't worry, there's nothing stopping you saving the cash up, withdrawing every time you've had a friend use your code or withdrawing it all as a lump sum - it's your money and therefore your choice!

What's the catch?

Genuinely, there's no catches but there are five really simple conditions:

Condition 1

This offer is only available if you purchase directly from our website (www.gonextgen.co.uk) and not via a comparison website.

Condition 2

You'll only see the cash in your NextGen Cashpot when the policy that was set up using your unique referral code has been live for 14 days.

Condition 3

You can only withdraw from your Nextgen Cashpot if you have a policy that's been live for 14 days or more.

Condition 4

If you use your own referral code to set up a policy and cancel your original policy to do this you will receive the benefit of the discounted premium, however, you won't receive the £10 in your cashpot. The reason for this is because we incur a cost by having to administer your original policy cancellation and remember, this is a scheme to 'refer' family/friends.

Condition 5

If any payments have failed which have resulted in administrative effort for NextGen, each single referral benefit will be withdrawn. For example, if you've referred 1 person and their policy is live after the initial 14 day cooling off period but you've had a failed payment, you'll no longer be able to cash out the credit, however, if the same scenario applies and you've made 2 referrals you can cash out the second credit. You won't be able to make any withdrawals from your cashpot until such time that all balances are up to date .

I don't have a unique referral code...

The entire process is automated so if you have an active policy with us your unique referral code should be with you both on e-mail & SMS, immediately upon purchase.

If for any reason that's not happened just email us at hello@nextgeninsurance.co.uk and we'll get it sorted for you.

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