What is a unique referral code?

NextGen unique referral codes are simply a way for us to reward you for telling your friends/family/social networks about NextGen. Every time your unique referral code is used to purchase a new policy we'll give you £10, your friend £5 off their premium and we'll donate £1 to Friends of the Earth.

How it works

When you purchase a policy from us we'll issue you with your unique referral code via e-mail & SMS.

You can share the code on any channel and with anyone. So go ahead, share it on Facebook, Insta, Twitter, Text, E-mail or over the telephone! If someone uses your code you're quids in, simple.

How do I get my cash?

Now this is ultra simple! All you have to do to withdraw your earnings is to log in to our Customer Area (remember, no passwords are required :-), locate your 'NextGen Cashpot' click on 'View/Withdraw' and withdraw your cash! Don't worry, there's nothing stopping you saving the cash up, withdrawing every time you've had a friend use your code or withdrawing it all as a lump sum - it's your money and therefore your choice!

What's the catch?

Genuinely, there's no catches but there are five really simple conditions:

Condition 1

This offer is only available if you purchase directly from our website (www.gonextgen.co.uk) and not via a comparison website.

Condition 2

You'll only see the cash in your NextGen Cashpot when the policy that was set up using your unique referral code has been live for 14 days.

Condition 3

You can only withdraw from your Nextgen Cashpot if you have a policy that's been live for 14 days or more.

Condition 4

If you use your own referral code to set up a policy and cancel your original policy to do this you will receive the benefit of the discounted premium, however, you won't receive the £10 in your cashpot. The reason for this is because we incur a cost by having to administer your original policy cancellation and remember, this is a scheme to 'refer' family/friends.

Condition 5

If any monies are owed by either yourself or an individual that has used your code, you won't be able to make any withdrawals until such time that the balances are up to date.

I don't have a unique referral code...

The entire process is automated so if you have an active policy with us your unique referral code should be with you both on e-mail & SMS, immediately upon purchase.

If for any reason that's not happened just email us at hello@nextgeninsurance.co.uk and we'll get it sorted for you.

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