Our referral programme is now closed.

Our referral scheme and cash out incentive closed on 1st April 2024. For details on what the referral scheme was, continue to read on.

What was a unique referral code?

NextGen unique referral codes were a discretionary way for us to reward you for telling your friends/family/social networks about NextGen. Every time your unique referral code was used to purchase a new policy we'd give you £10 and your friend £5 off their premium.

How it worked

When you purchased a policy from us we'd issue you with your unique referral code via e-mail & SMS.

You could share the code on any channel and with anyone.

How did I get my cash?

Now this was ultra simple! All you had to do to withdraw your earnings was to log in to our Customer Area, locate your 'NextGen Cashpot' click on 'View/Withdraw' and withdraw your cash!

What were the catches?

There were six really simple and fair conditions which could be amended at any time and the scheme could also be withdrawn at anytime as it was entirely discretionary:

Condition 1

The scheme is still live

Condition 2

The offer was only available if you purchased directly from our website and not via a comparison website.

Condition 3

You could only access cash when the policy that was set up using your unique referral code had been live for at least 45 days and your policy had been live for at least 45 days.

Condition 4

If you used your own referral code to set up a policy and cancel your original policy to do this you would receive the benefit of the discounted premium, however, you would not receive the £10 referral fee. The reason for that was because we incurred a cost by having to administer your original policy cancellation and remember, this was a scheme to 'refer' others.

Condition 5

If any payments had failed which had resulted in administrative effort for NextGen, each single referral benefit would be withdrawn. For example, if you'd referred 1 person and their policy was live after the initial 45 day period but you'd had a failed payment, you'd no longer have been able to cash out the credit, however, if the same scenario applied and you've made 2 referrals you could cash out the second credit. You would not have been able to make any withdrawals from your cashpot until such time that all balances were up to date.

Condition 6

If you'd incepted a policy and made a loss claim within 90 days and/or referred an individual that too had incepted and made a loss claim within 90 days, you would not be eligible to withdraw your cash.

I don't have a unique referral code...

The scheme is now closed. For any queries, please contact us at hello@nextgeninsurance.co.uk

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