It's simple - You have a code, you enter it and you save money

What is a discount code?

Discount codes are often used with businesses that we partner with to offer their staff or membership or community a discount off their gadget insurance.

Have a discount code to use?

Simply enter it into the Discount/Referral code box when purchasing a policy or obtaining a quotation and providing it's a valid code, your quote will automatically reduce and you'll see the saving in the premiums. As an extra bonus, when you enter your code, the premium not only reduces but so does the insurance premium tax (IPT), the more you save the less tax you'll pay!

My discount code isn't working?

Our discount codes only work if you've visited us directly. This means you'll always get a cheaper premium by visiting directly. Why? Well, that's simple. If you purchase a policy via a comparison website we get charged a rather large fee and if we have to pay that fee we can't afford to offer you a discount. So, visit us directly and get the best price.

How do I get a discount for my business/ staff/ membership/ community? 

If you would like to be considered for a discount then please get in touch with as via email to

Confirm how many people you're going to be sharing the discount with and the nature of the business or the type of organisation you represent. We will consider your request and get back to you quickly.

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