12 October 2020

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So you've decided to pre-order the latest iPhone 12 and it is an expensive device, so you might be thinking about insuring it. Smart move! After all, if it gets lost or stolen you wouldn't want to have to buy another one, and wouldn't it be nice to keep it looking smart (without the cracked screen or dented corner).

However, how do you go about finding the iPhone 12 insurance that's right for you?

Here are our 5 steps to finding the right iPhone 12 insurance for you:

1) Decide on what cover you need

Your options include: Loss, Theft, Damage (after warranty), Fraudulent Use (calls/ data), Accessories Cover.

2) Do you have any cover already?

Check that your bank or employer doesn't already provide you with gadget insurance. if they do, check that what they cover (and the value of it) meets your needs, and what restrictions it has.

3) Look at a range of providers

You should spend some time getting quotes from a number of providers. Brokers like NextGen Insurance, can be found listed on price comparison sites, as well as having their own website.

4) Don't just opt for the cheapest price

No-one wants to pay more than they should but don't just automatically opt for the cheapest price. Carefully check what cover is provided, any restrictions that are included, and take a moment to look at customer reviews of anyone you're considering purchasing from. Here at NextGen we are proud of our 4.7* Feefo reviews.

5) Who is the insurer?

Like NextGen, many insurance brokers will work with a number of insurers to provide iPhone 12 insurance. Take a look at who the insurer will be - are they a big insurance company? At NextGen we choose to only work with A-Rated Insurers so that our customers are always in safe hands in the event of a claim.

We hope that these 5 steps will help you to select the right insurance provider for your precious iPhone 12.

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