22 March 2021

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The brand new Samsung Galaxy A52 5G and Samsung Galaxy A72 is here

At last week’s surprise second Samsung Galaxy Unpack event of the year, the tech giants have brought out their latest entry in their affordable phone collection with the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G and the Samsung Galaxy A72. Check out everything you need to know about the new models here.

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

For £399 you can bring home the brand-new Samsung Galaxy A52 5G which holds some great features for the price. With a full HD+ resolution, the 6.5-inch screen will look great whatever brightness you have it on. There is no need to fear that because of a cheaper price the Samsung A52 5G won’t have a powerful processor. With next-level CPU, GPU and new NPU performance due to the powerful Snapdragon 750G processor, the new Samsung phone will run as smooth as ever. Fitted with a 4500mAh battery, the Samsung Galaxy A52 has a long-lasting battery life, as well as 25W of Super-Fast Changing meaning you can do more of what you love with your new phone. Finally, suited with a 5MP Marco Camera, you are able to get up close while making images really stand out

Buy the new Samsung Galaxy A52 5G here, and pick from four great colours

Samsung Galaxy A72

Despite not having 5G capability and being a slightly more expensive phone out of the two at £419, the new Samsung Galaxy A72 gives the user a smooth viewing with the 6.7-inch Infinity-O Display and a fast display refresh rate of 90Hz. Similarly to the A52 5G, the Samsung Galaxy A72 has next level CPU, GPU and new NPU performance due to the powerful Snapdragon 750G processor. The A72 also shares the same camera quality, with its 5MP Marco Camera. The Samsung Galaxy A72 boasts a more powerful battery life than its sibling, with a 5000mAh battery life as well as the 25W of Super-Fast Charging you can use this phone for long periods of time without much charge needed.

Buy the new Samsung Galaxy A72 here, and pick from four great colours

Cover for your Samsung device

Protection that Samsung Care+ doesn't offer

Samsung, similar to Apple has its own insurance coverage called Samsung Care+. Did you know that Samsung Care+ doesn’t include cover for loss or theft of any kind? As well as this, you also only get four claims over a period of two years.

We have a range of Samsung insurance cover options to protect your precious device. These include accidental loss, liquid damage (yes that includes the toilet!), theft, mechanical breakdown and fraudulent call cover, as well as worldwide use and unlimited claims.

A Samsung device is by no means a cheap device to buy and you're here because you need help should the worst happen. Our Samsung insurance gives you peace of mind in case anything goes wrong. The best thing - it’s really affordable! You can pay annually or monthly, your choice.

Want insurance for you Samsung Galaxy A52 5G or A72?


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What does our Samsung insurance cover you for?

We have a choice of cover, depending on your needs. Our lowest level of cover looks after you in the UK or abroad for breakdown, loss, theft, fraudulent use and accidental damage (yes, that includes cracked screens and dropping your mobile/gadget down the toilet). In addition, our product range also covers:

Accidental damage

Screen cracks, corner dents etc

Accessories cover

It's not just your phone that's covered

Unauthorised call and data usage

Don't get caught out with huge bills

Liquid damage

Includes toilet drops, coffee spills & puddles too


In case your phone gets lost accidentally


We'll get you a replacement phone quickly

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a choice of cover so that you can find the level of insurance that meets your needs. Our Essential level of the cover looks after you in the UK or abroad for breakdown, loss, theft, fraudulent use and accidental damage (yes, that includes cracked screens and spilling coffee on your device). In addition, we have other levels of cover that insure you against unauthorised usage and includes gadget accessories cover, extended cover abroad (365 days a year) and liquid damage. 

While you’ve probably got a 12 months manufacturer’s warranty this only covers you for mechanical breakdown. Our gadget insurance includes cover for cracked screens, liquid damage, accidental damage, loss and theft. Once your 12-month warranty is up, we cover mechanical breakdown too!

Click here to read more on this subject

Your gadget might be covered under your home insurance but the cover is unlikely to cover all of your needs and could leave you without your device for a considerable amount of time (home insurance claims can take a while to resolve). 

Home insurance isn’t designed with your device in mind, so is unlikely to cover you for fraudulent use or unauthorised data usage. Furthermore, if you claim on your home insurance, the excess you may be required to pay could be higher than the cost of having separate insurance. Naturally, your contents insurance premium may then increase when your policy comes to renewal, due to the claim you made.

Please make sure you view the benefits and cover of each insurance policy before you make a decision. If you’re not sure, give us a call and we’ll help explain our cover options further.

Next Generation Insurance (NextGen) is an insurance intermediary (broker) and not an insurance company. We sell and administer gadget and mobile phone insurance products on behalf of insurance companies.

We only work with A-Rated Insurers, which means that you are insured with reputable companies. The underwriters that we work with are Axa Insurance (Premium & Ultimate products) and Zenith (Essential product).

You can pay for your policy annually or monthly on our Premium & Ultimate products and annually only on our Essential cover. For monthly payable policies we set up a subscription for the monthly instalments and the premium will be taken from the bank card you use to purchase your insurance and pay your first premium. 

If you have a preferred day on which you would like payment to be taken be sure to start your policy from that day of the month. We are not able to change payment collection days once the policy is active because the payment date directly aligns with the policy cover period.

For our Premium & Ultimate products, your device must be under 12 months old when you insure it with us. Our Essential policy does allow phones up to 36 months old.

If you renew your policy with us the age of the mobile at renewal is not a factor.

We can insure the phone that belongs to you, or your immediate family as long as they live at the same address as you. By ‘immediate family’ we mean your Mother, Father, Son, Daughter and spouse. 

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