06 August 2021

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What Phone Should I buy? An iPhone Or A Samsung

Throughout history there have been great rivalries; England vs Germany, Batman vs The Joker and of course the biggest of all, Apple vs Samsung. If you're struggling to decide which phone is best for you struggle no more, here's a breakdown to help you decide which phone to buy.

People’s Opinion

There seems to be a fairly universal opinion that Samsung creates phones with better battery life, storage and a better camera, while Apple likes to focus on fancy features like talking emojis and a smoother user experience. However, once you go iPhone you don’t go back. For what iPhone devices potentially lack in quality they make up for in innovation. Apple Pay first came out in 2015 and it took Samsung and Android a year to catch up, Apple was the first phone company to bring in fingerprint ID with the iPhone 5, and in 2017 when the iPhone X came out they introduced Face ID for the first time.

Head-to-head table

We mentioned earlier that everyone thinks the iPhone battery life and camera quality is a lot worse than a Samsung device but is that true? Let’s look at the differences between the Samsung S21 and the iPhone 12.


There isn’t much to split the phone heavyweights in terms of prices. At the time of writing the iPhone 12 Pro is £999 while the Pro Max is a whopping £1099. Despite the iPhone 12 still being expensive, it isn’t too far away from the Samsung prices. You can pick up the latest Samsung S21 5G for £819, however, if you want a larger model, they will cost you £999 (S21 5G +) or £1199 (S21 Ultra 5G). It should be noted that Samsung has recently released their first affordable range, the Samsung A52 5G and the Samsung A72. You can pick between the A52 at £399 or the A72 at £419. Check out our blog all about the Samsung A52 5G here.


What are shoppers saying? Well, sale wise Apple had a good 2020, with the company recording $111.4 billion sales (a nice 21% increase from the previous year). iPhone wise, according to Reuters, by the end of 2020 hit sale figures of $65.60 billion which smashed the record set three years ago. Samsung on the other hand (according to Statista) sold 55.76 million smartphones by the end of 2020 which gave them a 20% market share. After a slightly disappointing set of Samsung Galaxy S20 sales, the Samsung S21 almost tripled the first-month sales of the S20. Meanwhile in Korea, the S21 reached a million sales in record time. Despite losing out to Q3 in 2020, research by firm Gartner showed that Apple finished the year the strongest of the two with Apple reaching almost 80 million sales compared to Samsung’s 62.17 million. This however is mainly because the iPhone 12 came out in this period. Despite the strong finish to the year, Apple’s market share has dropped to 5.4%. So it seems more people are ditching their iPhones.

Whichever phone you buy you know you'll be getting your money's worth. If you want a smoother, seamless user experience maybe an iPhone is the way to go. However, with Samsung taking the larger market share Samsung phones keep getting better and better you can see why so many people are going for Samsung products.

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