Should I get mobile phone insurance?

Do you have a history of stolen, lost or damaged phones? If so, it might be wise to get cover in place

Can you afford to self-insure?

Could you afford to simply replace a lost, stolen or damaged mobile out of your own pocket?

How much did your mobile phone cost?

Is it worth insuring?

Do you rely on your mobile phone daily?

If your mobile is an integral part of your life you may wish to get cover that ensures you’re back up and running as soon as possible

What does our mobile phone insurance cover you for?

We have a choice of cover, depending on your needs. Our lowest level of cover looks after you in the UK or abroad for breakdown, loss, theft, fraudulent use and accidental damage (yes, that includes cracked screens and dropping your mobile down the loo). In addition, our product range also covers:

Unauthorised calls

Phone accessories cover

Extended cover abroad (365 days a year)

Liquid damage (that’s the loo, the coffee and puddles!)

Please make sure you view the benefits and cover of each product before you make a decision, if you’re not sure, give us a call and we’ll help explain our cover options further.

What don’t you cover me for?

In the event of a claim we will need to ensure that you’ve taken reasonable care of your mobile phone

For example, if you leave your mobile phone on a table in a restaurant and nip to the toilet, you couldn’t reasonably expect it to be there when you return.

Delays in reporting your phone as stolen or lost

We’re sure you will as it’s such an integral part of your life but please make sure you report your phone missing as soon as possible. We want to ensure you are covered for fraudulent use and unauthorised calls so reporting it within 24-48 hours is important to ensure you are covered.

Is it really value for money?

As with anything, you should always check that the cover and benefits are good value for money and you should always shop around.

Do remember, value isn’t always just price, it’s cover, benefits, service, peace of mind and knowing who’s got your back when you need it most.

Am I covered on my home insurance?

You might well be covered under your home insurance and the benefit is, it’s probably included in the premium you’re paying already!

However, if you claim on your home insurance the excess could be higher than insuring with a mobile phone insurer and your contents insurance premium, as a whole, may increase when your policy comes to renewal.

Consider also the claim, if you have to make one, home insurance claims can often be quite labour intensive and take some time, can you afford to be without a phone for that long?

Because it’s home insurance and not a mobile phone insurance specialist provider you might not have the level of protection that you need, for example, fraudulent use, unauthorised calls or e-wallet cover.

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