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Welcome to NextGen Insurance. We are a mobile phone and gadget insurance provider that offers the best insurance cover for your devices at some of the best prices available anywhere in the country.

Getting into university is a great achievement, so congratulations. With all the excitement of going to university, it's also important to remember the risks. You’ll be going out clubbing and partying and your mobile phone could be broken or get stolen so it’s vital you get your phone and gadgets insured as accidents do happen. You’ll also be doing lots of work at university so it is important your laptop or tablet is protected because if it's accidentally damaged or stolen you’ll need it replaced quickly so your work isn’t affected. 

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What does our mobile phone and gadget insurance cover you for?

We have a choice of cover, depending on your needs. Our lowest level of cover looks after you in the UK or abroad for breakdown, loss (mobiles only), theft, fraudulent use and accidental damage (yes, that includes cracked screens and dropping your mobile/gadget down the toilet). In addition, our product range also covers:

Accidental damage

Screen cracks

Mobile phone and gadget accessories cover

It's not just your mobile phone or gadget that's covered

Unauthorised call and data usage

Don't get caught out with huge bills

Liquid damage

Includes toilet drops, coffee spills & puddles too


In case your mobile phone or gadget gets lost accidentally (cover restrictions apply)


We'll get you a replacement mobile phone or gadget quickly

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Why you need Insurance

Pitfalls of AppleCare and Samsung Care+

AppleCare and Samsung Care+ do offer your device some protection, but it isn't a comprehensive level of cover.

AppleCare does cover repair or replacement of a product in the event of accidental damage, but only twice in a two-year period. Importantly, AppleCare does not cover you for loss or theft, accessories and fraudulent call/data cover.

Samsung Care+ doesn’t include cover for loss or theft of any kind? As well as this, you also only get four claims over a period of two years

Am I covered by my warranty?

In short, no. If you want to cover for theft, loss, accidental damage and more you’ll have to purchase insurance. Warranties cover the mechanical and software performance of the gadget. Some manufacturers only offer a year-long warranty. Here are some popular gadget manufacturer average warranties:

You're not fully covered under Home Insurance

 Your gadget or mobile phone might be covered under your home insurance, but the cover is unlikely to provide you with the protection that you need and there are wide-ranging implications if you need to make a claim.

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Use code NGStudent to save £7.50 on your insurance

Three different choices of insurance to suit your needs

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A few reasons why you should choose NextGen

1.   5 Star Defaqto rated products including cover as standard for drops, spills, loss (cover restrictions apply), theft, mechanical breakdown & worldwide cover.

2.   5 Star reviews on Feefo – take a look at what our Customers have to say about us. We’re really proud of the service we provide.

3.   Reduce the cost of your insurance to ZERO. Simply use your referral-code to earn unlimited cash!

4.   Online self-service. You’re in control. View and access your policy documents, withdraw cash, register a claim and get in touch with us.

5.   Put simply, we offer products, features and rewards unlike any gadget insurance provider in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

While you’ve probably got a 12 months manufacturer’s warranty this only covers you for mechanical breakdown. Our gadget and mobile phone insurance includes cover for cracked screens, liquid damage, accidental damage, loss (cover restrictions apply) and theft. Once your 12-month warranty is up, we cover mechanical breakdown too!

We have a choice of cover so that you can find the level of insurance that meets your needs. Our Essential level of cover looks after you in the UK or abroad for breakdown, loss (cover restrictions apply), theft, fraudulent use and accidental damage (yes, that includes cracked screens and dropping your mobile/gadget down the toilet).

Your mobile phone or gadget might be covered under your home insurance but the cover is unlikely to cover all of your needs and could leave you without a mobile phone or gadget for a considerable amount of time as home insurance claims can take a while to resolve. 

Home insurance isn’t designed with your mobile or gadget in mind, so is unlikely to cover you for fraudulent use or unauthorised calls. Furthermore, if you claim on your home insurance, the excess you may be required to pay could be higher than the cost of having separate gadget or mobile phone insurance. Naturally, your contents insurance premium may then increase when your policy comes to renewal, due to the claim you made.

Please make sure you view the benefits and cover of each gadget or mobile phone insurance policy before you make a decision. If you’re not sure, give us a call and we’ll help explain our cover options further.

You can pay for your policy annually or monthly (except for our Essential cover). For monthly payable policies we set up a subscription for the monthly instalments and the premium will be taken from the bank card you provide to us. 

If you have a preferred day in which you would like payment to be taken be sure to start your policy from that day of the month. We are not able to change payment collection days once the policy is active because the payment date directly aligns with the policy cover periods.

Yes, your mobile phone or gadget must be have been purchased in the UK. You can insure a device that you have purchased from network providers, direct from manufacturers or a high street store.

If you purchase your device as a refurbished device, it must have at least a 12-month warranty.

Our Essential policy only insures refurbished devices that are purchased directly from network providers or manufacturers. 

For our Premium & Ultimate products, your mobile phone or gadget must be under 12 months old when you insure it with us. Our Essential policy does allow mobile phone or devices up to 36 months old.

If you renew your policy with us the age of the mobile phone or gadget at renewal is not a factor.

Next Generation Insurance (NextGen) is an insurance intermediary. We sell and administer gadget and mobile phone insurance products on behalf of insurance companies.

We only work with A-Rated Insurers, which means your cover and any claims are protected. The underwriters that we work with are Axa Insurance (Premium & Ultimate products) or Zenith (Essential product).

We can insure the mobile phone or gadget that belongs to you, or your immediate family as long as they live at the same address as you. By ‘immediate family’ we mean your Mother, Father, Son, Daughter and spouse. 

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